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The flee market season just started in France and a great way to start a “double vinyl ” photo essay.

This morning, got a double of sweet smoke for 2 euros.

Beyond the week #7

Beyond the week #6

Beyond the week #5

Hey guys !!!

Here we go for the weekly review. 

Today, i won’t show links, videos or photos.

No, today i give my selection of documentaries about vinyls.

BEATNICK RECORDS Montreal’s finest collectable vinyl record
For the Records
Sound it out
Blood , sweat and vinyl - DIZ in the 21st Century
Desperate man blues
La vinyl mania
Last shop standing
Need that record
When albums ruled the world
Red beans and rice
Scratch (classic!!)
Remembering ‘Music Man Murray’
The Magnetist
We’re Going Home

Record Store Day 2013 Roadtrip- Get It On Vinyl

Enjoy !!!

With love


Beyond the week #4

Hey guys !!! This is january 1st !!! I wish you a great year , money, love, sex, success in all of your projects….and great records !!!


Let’s start with dad/son story  :

36 Things Vinyl Collectors Love :

I guess all of you have seen Madlib at french national radio (the girl is a shame…) :

Upcoming Releases: Winter 2014 :

Low Fidelity: The Reality Of The Record Business :

For french dudes :

Because we all enjoy girls with records :

Enjoy !!!

With love